About Us

Who are we?

Hello! Let us introduce ourselves in a few words. The Zoe&co is the work of Ágnes Nóra Szimon and Máté Makai. Ágó designs the bags and the brand's image, and she prepares bags for production and sewing. Our seamstress, Ildi, takes care of the actual sewing. Máté handles the administration, order processing, and our little store (BRU Design and Coffee). In addition, Ágó is a fashion photographer and creates minimalist graphics, while Máté works as a barista in our store (welcoming you with carefully selected specialty coffees) and also writes his books.


At Zoe&co, we produce small-series of handmade, high-quality vegan leather, and canvas bags and accessories. In our collection, along with basic items like backpacks, shoulder, and handbags, we offer so-called "statement" or occasional pieces, as well functional pieces as backpacks for laptops. You will always find basic colors with us, such as black, beige, and brown, complemented by one or two more exciting, pastel, unique pieces—not to mention the exclusives sold only through the newsletter.

We keep a minimal stock of our bags in the BRU Design and Coffee Shop, so about 80% of the bags are made to order. This is the essence of our small business operation because it allows us to avoid asking for high prices, eliminate unnecessary resource use and storage, and refrain from having sales.


Why do we use vegan leather?

First and foremost, because we love animals more than fashion. Have you ever met a goat or a beef, for example, with the desire to become a handbag? Neither have we.

Secondly, we strive to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible. If someone looks into the "Material Sustainability Index" of various leathers, they will see the startling fact that the production of cow leather is three times more polluting than the production of synthetic or "vegan" leather.

Many believe that real leather is stronger and more durable than faux leather. The truth is, vegan leather can be just as beautiful and sturdy if handled with care. The materials we use have excellent water-repellent properties, wrinkles smooth out, they can be cleaned with a gentle rub, and if you occasionally wipe the most used parts, such as straps, handles, and the bottom of the bags with a soapy or detergent-soaked sponge, you can wear your bag without any issues for three to four years. And please wipe off hand cream, sunscreen, and alcohol-based substances!

Let's talk about the price as well. Perhaps you've noticed that our bags are a bit cheaper than products from other independent designer bags. This is because vegan leathers cost less than animal leathers. Just for comparison: a beautifully textured, colorful leather bag like ours, made from animal leather, from a designer similar to us, would cost at least three times as much – and it’s not necessarily three times as long-lasting.

We don't claim that our products are 100% environmentally friendly, but with our material choices, continuous market research, and manufacturing process, we aim to take from nature only what is absolutely necessary.

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