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About Us

 The Zoe and Co page distributes small series of handmade, quality vegan leather bags, clothes and accessories. The brand presents two – spring/summer and autumn/winter – collections annually with solo products occasionally. If your are curious about our novelties or just want to see more pictures of the bags, please visit our Instagram site: https://www.instagram.com/zoeand.co



First of all, we love animals so much more than fashion. Have you ever met a cow talking about becoming a backpack is her dream? We neither.

On the other hand we strive to leave as little ecological footprint as possible.
If you take a look at the High Material Sustainability Index, you will see the shocking fact that the production of cow leather is three times more polluting than production of synthetic or ‘vegan’ leather.

Many people think real leather is stronger and lasts longer than faux leather. The truth is: vegan leather can be just as pretty and solid as cow leather, if it is being used with care. Also it has water repellent coating to avoid stains and crease.

Not to mention its price. Maybe you noticed our bags are way more cheaper than other indie designer bags. It’s because vegan leather costs less, than the real one.

So if you care about the environment, do not hesitate to switch from ‘boo’ to ‘faux’ or 'vegan'. :)